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As individuals get older, back and neck pain will become extremely typical. The problem impacts not just the bodily health of these people but additionally their social and economic well-being. Back and neck pain can easily disrupt work, routine as well as other daily activities you take part in. In fact, the condition is among the main reasons for doctor?s visits and probably the most frequent reasons why people miss work.

Nonetheless, while back and neck pain can make your life awfully difficult, majority of cases tend to be curable without turning to medical procedures. There are also certain management measures you can take to be able to manage the problems that may arise due to back and neck pain. These measures will not only help alleviate the pain but also help you decrease the likelihood of recurrences of this particular condition.


More often than not, neck and back pain is actually caused by strains or any other accidental injuries to the muscles as well as ligaments surrounding the spinal column. These, subsequently, could be brought on by sports injuries or a quick increase in physical activity to which the person is just not accustomed.

Infections may also cause flu like signs or symptoms which are usually combined with muscle pain affecting the neck and the back. The condition is known inside medical circles as myalgia.

Another possible reason for your own back and neck pain will be the degenerative change that your spine undergoes. A person's spine consists of individual bones (vertebrae) which have been joined with each other through the intervertebral discs, joint parts and ligaments. All these blended form the strong but versatile structure of the spine.

As an individual grows older (middle age as well as beyond), neck and back pain takes place due to the wear and tear of your intervetebral discs and other associated elements of your own spinal column. The main reason behind these degenerative changes is actually movement. Motion causes the neck (cervical) and also the lower parts (lumbar) of the spine to progressively breakdown.

Being natural structures, your ligaments and also joints will try to heal as well as repair themselves but consequently, your spine also will become disfigured with several bulging discs, buckling ligaments, in addition to bone spurs. These types of changes could also impact the canals by which the nerves pass through, pinching them because of this.


Even though there is absolutely no defined cure, neck and back pain can be a very curable condition. The most typical treatment utilized to treat back and neck pain will be medicines with pain-killing or anti-inflammatory properties.

Passive physical therapy used in conjunction with exercise (active physical rehabilitation) can also be an alternative choice. Cold or hot compresses are put on the area affected in order to relieve the pain. Additional modalities could also be used, including the application of electrical impulses so that you can override the muscle spasms which so frequently define neck and back pain.

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Neck and Back Pain Management

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Neck and Back Pain Management

This article was published on 2011/10/15