A Pain In The Neck

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Neck strain is an uncomfortably common medical condition. A large percentage of Americans will experience mild neck strain at some point in their lives and an activity as benign as tilting ones head while looking at the computer can cause injury.

The part of the spine running through the neck called the cervical spine is less protected from injury than the lower areas. With fewer muscles and tissue
surrounding it as well as sensitive esophageal and bronchial pathways running along it, the neck is extremely vulnerable to injury. Neck strain occurs when the soft tissues such as the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments of the neck sustain injury.

Injury often occurs during a single traumatic event, such as an automobile or sports accident. When the body and neck sustain force, the impact can cause the neck to rotate farther than it should or be thrown in an unnatural way. Whiplash an especially common neck injury occurs during an automobile accident when the body is stopped by a seatbelt and the head and neck remain in motion. Neck injuries can also occur over time through prolonged maintenance of the neck in an unnatural condition. This type of neck strain termed microtrauma can occur when an individual tilts their head and neck to look at a screen or hold a telephone unnaturally.
This is more common in offices and can be prevented with proper ergonomic equipment and by adjusting furniture and computer screens for ones height and posture.

For neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain Minneapolis athletes and office workers alike can enjoy the recuperative services of Edina pain clinic Twin Cities Pain Clinic. A physical therapist Minneapolis can entrust with their pain management needs, Dr. Andrew Will and his staff have the experience and skills to treat all types of pain. Theres no need for Minnesotans to let pain and injury control their lives.
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A Pain In The Neck

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This article was published on 2010/10/22